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slipped disc

Signs include: Arched-back stance; crying in pain, even without being touched; evidence of trauma; inability to walk; rear legs that may collapse, stumbling, dragging of feet; lack of control while urinating or defecating; not wanting to go up or down stairs; trembling.

1. Take your dog to a vet as soon as possible.

arry the animal or restrain in a carrier to restrict movement.

2. Your vet may prescribe anti-inflammatory and pain medications along with strict crate rest.

Crate rest/exercise restriction is the most important part of conservative or medical treatment of intervertebral disc disease.

3. Other diseases can lead to similar signs. Your pet may need xrays, an MRI, CT or myelogram to determine the exact cause. If complete paralysis occurs with a ruptured disc, your pet may need surgery to walk again.


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