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During an active seizure, the animal often will fall over, twitch, urinate, defecate and drool. She may fall over and be stiff and rigid (grand mal seizure). Some seizures may look like the dog is just staring into space or biting at invisible things (chewing gum seizures).

1. After a seizure, the animal may be disoriented, walk into walls or appear to be blind.

Note that dogs may also behave normally following a seizure.

2. Make sure your dog is in a safe place.

Do not attempt to restrain the dog.

3. Keep your hands away from the dog's mouth, and do not disturb the dog.

Your dog may not know who you are during a seizure and may bite you.

4. Call your vet if this a first seizure, it lasts longer than 3-4 minutes, repeated seizures or if your dog is not recovering from a seizure.

Seizures lasting longer than 4 minutes and repeated seizures are medical emergencies. The dog is at risk for high fever and brain damage.


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