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Signs of heat stroke and heat exhaustion include collapse, body temperature of 104 For above; bloody diarrhea or vomiting; wobbliness; excessive panting or difficulty breathing; increased heart rate mucous membranes very red; and increased salivation.

1. Heat stroke (hyperthermia) and heat exhaustion occur when a dog severely overheats.

2. Get your dog out of direct heat.

3. Take your dog's temperature.

Normal body temperature for a dog is 99.5 to 102.5

4. If your dog's temperature is above 104 F cool your dog down. Spray with cool water. Place cool, water-soaked towels on the dog's head, neck, feet, chest and abdomen Use fans.

The goal is to decrease the body temperature to about 103 F. DO NOT immerse the dog in ice water.

5. Take your dog to a veterinary hospital immediately.


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