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allergic reactions

Signs of an allergic reaction include hives (bumps over the face and muzzle which can extend to the entire body), redness, itching and licking at the site, swelling around the eyes, vomiting, difficulty breathing and collapse.

1. If your dog is having difficulty breathing or collapses, check her and CPR if needed

Go to the vet immediately.

2. A severe allergic reaction can lead to 2 anaphylactic shock.

This could occur immediately or progressively over several hours.

3. If your dog was stung, do not attempt to pick 3 a stinger out, as that may release more of the toxin.

A stinger is usually black and very small.

4. If your dog develops hives call your veterinarian.

If the hives progress bring your dog to the veterinarian for injectable medication.


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