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Burns are classified by severity depending on their depth and the percentage of surface area affected. Superficial burns that are extensive can be as dangerous as deep burns affecting a small area.

1. Check your cat's ABC's and perform CPR if needed.

2. Run cool water directly over the burn and/or use cool compresses.

This decreases pain and may decrease the penetration of heat further into the tissues.

3. If only one body part is burned, you can immerse your dog in cool water.

Do not immerse if more than one body part is burned. Immersing a dog with extensive burns may cool the skin too quickly and cause shock.

4. Place a clean moist cloth over the burned area.

Do not place any ointments, butter or petroleum jelly on burns.

5. Immediately take your cat to a veterinary hospital.

Severe burns place your cat at greater risk for significant infection and death.


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